Deep clean carpeting


No matter how well you keep your carpet cleaned, there will come a day when you need to deep clean your rugs. Of course, you can always bring in a professional rug cleaner, but why not do it yourself and save the money? There are different ways to do this, and each has good and bad points.

1. Shampoo – The first method of deep rug cleaning is shampooing, and it is the most common. If you don’t own a shampooer, then you can rent one from a hardware store or even grocery stores. They have some bad points, however. They generally leave a lot of water in the carpet, and they deposit a certain amount of detergent residue. It can take a long time for the carpet to dry. Sometimes the rental staff suggests that you spray a foam on the rug, let it dry to a powder, and vacuum it up.

2. Steam cleaning – This should be called hot water extraction, because the shampoo equipment sprays a jet of hot cleaning solution into the carpet at high pressure. Then it is immediately sucked up with a power vacuum. The best one of these is mounted on a truck. They have the most pressure and do a great job. There are a few things to look out for, like what kind of shape your carpet is in, because the vacuum could suck up some of the carpet fibers. If you have some really bad spots on your carpet, spray ten or fifteen minutes ahead of time, using chemical spot remover. That way the product will have time to work beforehand, and when you work on it, the spot will come right out.

3. Absorbent compound cleaning – This method involves an absorbent powder that is impregnated with solvents and detergents. Then you spread the compound on the floor either by hand or by machine. Wait until it dries, and then vacuum it up. This is one of the best ways to clean your carpet because your floor won’t get very wet, and it does not take very long to dry. But it does cost the most.

4. Combination systems – This is the best way to deep clean your carpet because it won’t cost as much as using absorbent compounds. They shampoo the heavy traffic area and then use the extraction system to pick up all the water. Some extractions have a built-in agitation head that brushes between the injection and vacuuming up of the water. This method lets you take advantage of the best features of both systems.

Should you do it yourself or hire a professional? If you are busy, tired, or unsure, you might want to hire someone unless you have free time on your hands. By the time you rent the equipment and buy the shampoo and chemicals you will need, you might not be saving very much money. Professional equipment always seems to do a better job. The equipment has more power than smaller units available for personal rental, and the cleaning staff knows how to use the equipment better because they do it every day.

Even if you hire someone else, at least you now have an idea about the possible methods they might use, and you will know whether they are doing the job they should be doing.

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