Home cleaning products checklist


When cleaning a house, there are a few essential products that can be used in more rooms than one. For instance, disposable sweeper cloths can be used on any linoleum or hardwood floor in the house. Also, bleach can be used on most bathroom and kitchen fixtures to disinfect, and also on your laundry to remove stains and body soil. One last essential product is an all-purpose spray or wipes, which are a safe household cleaner and can be used on many different counter tops and different fixtures. Remember, always read the directions on any cleaner, and never mix any chemicals together.

A bathroom is probably the messiest room in the house. There are many different products that make is fast and simple to clean.


Bathroom cleanser – for shower, bathtub, sink, and the outside of your toilet

Disinfectant toilet bowl cleanser – cleans and disinfects inside of toilet

Glass cleaner – to clean any mirrors and windows in your bathroom

Bleach- you may want to bleach the inside of your toilet or bathtub

Mop or sweeper – to clean and disinfect your bathroom floor
Toilet brush – to scrub the inside of your toilet
Sponge – to scrub out toilets and sinks

Paper towels – to help wash your windows and mirrors
In a kitchen you have to be very careful with fresh meat. It is easy to contact different diseases if you do not clean up properly. It is recommended that you disinfect your kitchen often. There are many different products that are simple to use.


Disinfecting spray or wipes – to clean and disinfect your counter tops, refrigerator, stove, and microwave

Antibacterial dish soap – to clean and disinfect your dishes

Bleach – to clean and disinfect the inside of your sink, and your kitchen floor

Mop or sweeper – to clean floors, linoleum or hardwood

When cleaning your bedroom or living room, it is best to start with the furniture, then bedding, (pillows, shams, sheets), and then the floors last. This way, whatever you are dusting off your furniture or shaking off your bedding, can be cleaned off the floor last. It is also ideal to wash your bedding often, to get rid of body soil.

Bedroom and Living Room

Furniture polish – to clean and protect your wooden furniture

Fabric refresher – eliminates odors of fabrics due to smoke and pets

Color safe bleach – to clean and rid your bedding of body soil

Carpet deodorizer – refreshes the carpet, and eliminates odors of pets and smoke

Laundry Room

When cleaning your laundry room, you often are dealing with a lot of dirt and lint on the floors. It is also a good idea to clean the outside and lids of your washer and drier.

Mop or sweeper – to clean lint and dirt off the floor

Disinfecting spray or wipes – to clean the outside and lids of your washer and drier

Furniture polish – to wipe off any laundry shelves

When cleaning your house, make sure to be thorough in every room. It is a good idea to wash the handles and knobs of your sinks and toilets, and wipe off door knobs to eliminate germs. This will cut down on sicknesses and make a happier, healthier family!

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