Homemade window cleaner


Although there are many commercial cleaning products available on the market today many people are choosing a homemade window cleaner. This is because it is less expensive, nontoxic and made from ingredients they already have in their own kitchen cupboards.

No matter how neat and clean your home is, when the windows are dirty or streaky, it takes away from the overall appearance of your place.

Many people have tried a homemade window cleaner made of vinegar and water, to clean their windows. They were disappointed because they found this streaked the glass. That is because some of the commercial products leave a wax buildup on the windows that vinegar does not always cut through.

To solve this problem, simply mix half a teaspoon of liquid detergent or soap, a quarter cup of vinegar and two cups of water in a spray bottle. Spray your windows and wipe with paper towel or newspaper for streak-free windows.

Never clean your windows with the sun shining on them because the sun dries the cleaner too quickly, leaving streaks.

If you want to try a homemade window cleaner, here are several different cleaners you can make at home.

* Combine one quart of water and one tablespoon of lemon juice in a spray bottle. Spray on the window and wipe dry.

* Mix two tablespoons of sudsy ammonia in a quart of water or in a gallon of water, add a half cup of sudsy ammonia. Pour this mixture into a spray bottle.

* Combine two tablespoons of ammonia, a quarter teaspoon of dishwashing detergent and a half cup of rubbing alcohol. Put this into a small spray bottle and fill up with water, then shake. You can use three tablespoons of lemon juice or white vinegar instead of the ammonia if you prefer.

* For a great window cleaner and glass cleaner, mix a half-cup of ammonia, two tablespoons of cornstarch and a half-cup of vinegar into a gallon of warm water. * Plain club soda or straight lemon juice both make windows shine. Just spray it on and wipe off with a paper towel.

* Combine one tablespoon of vinegar with a cup of water and one cup of rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. This also works great on chrome, hard tiles and other surfaces.

People are now starting to go back to making their own cleaning products instead of spending a lot of money on name brand, store bought cleaning items. Clean, sparkling windows make a sunny day seem even brighter. Try one of these many homemade window cleaner solutions and save money at the same time…

if you don’t want to spend your time to do it, call our cleaning company to help you out.