How to clean blinds


Cleaning window blinds is not a job that many people look forward to doing. They either put off cleaning blinds or have no idea how to clean blinds, so they do nothing until it becomes a huge job.

Regardless of why you put off cleaning window blinds, eventually they do require cleaning.

Vacuum your blinds weekly to remove any dust build-up. Using your vacuum with the soft brush attachment is a fast and easy way to remove the dust.

Another way to remove the dust, when cleaning window blinds, is by putting an old pair of socks or cotton gloves on your hands or using a lamb’s wool duster to wipe the slats. A small brush, such as a paintbrush, will also remove the dust on the blind slats.

Here are some great tips and suggestions on how to clean blinds quickly and easily.

Vinyl or Metal Blinds – When you are cleaning blinds, you should put a towel down in your bathtub so the blinds do not scratch your tub. Place your blinds in a bathtub full of mild, soapy water and wipe with a soft cloth. You can also spray them with a hose, outside. Rinse clean and hang them to air dry.

Wood Blinds – To keep your hardwood blinds’ looking great requires periodically wiping them with a lamb’s wool mitt, soft cloth or vacuum them with a small soft brush attachment.

When cleaning blinds, you can either take them down or clean them while they hang.

The easiest way to clean the surface of each blind is by tilting the slats down, leaving them open a bit and cleaning each slat.

Never use abrasive cleaners, water or solvents to clean your wood blinds. On wood blinds that are not painted, use furniture polish on them.

Fabric Blinds – To remove cobwebs, dust or dirt from fabric blinds, use your vacuum with the soft brush attachment or a soft cloth. For extra cleaning, check the manufacturer’s suggestions.

Start by cleaning window blinds in some warm water and a very mild dishwashing detergent. Next, rinse the blinds well and hang to dry. To remove the excess water, roll them in a towel first and then hang them to dry.

Window blinds are wonderful because they allow light to enter in but still give your privacy. By following a few simple suggestions on how to clean blinds, they will continue to look great for many years. Cleaning window blinds on a regular basis lessens the dirt build-up and keeps your blinds looking beautiful.

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