How to get rid of hair around the house


It seems like hair from our combs and brushes gets stuck in everything. A sink full of hair is not particularly attractive when guests come to visit. Even people that do not own a pet can have a lot of loose hair lying on the furniture or floor.

Hair can be harder to clean than what many folks think. In addition, pet hair can be a big problem because it will stick to your clothes. When you dress up and go out in public, it can turn off a date or a potential employer when it appears you don’t keep yourself clean.

To clean fabric and upholstery, buy a pet rake and go over the area with light, even stokes. You can use packing tape that is wrapped around your hand to pick up hair also.

For hair on your carpet, use a vacuum with a good beater brush or roller brush because another type of vacuum will not have enough lift to pick up all the hair, which has strong static cling. You can buy a lint brush for your clothes and for your curtains. Hardware stores often carry handy gadgets for pulling up loose hair around the house or in your car. Most of these cost just a few dollars.

The best way to clean up hair in the bathtub is to tear off a piece of toilet tissue and squeeze it into a ball. Then dampen it and wipe up all the visible loose hair in the tub. The strands will cling to the dampened tissue, so after you are done wiping it up, you can toss the tissue into the trashcan. Then wash out the tub with cleanser and water.

In the bathroom, when you comb your hair or wash it in the shower, you loose quite a bit of hair in the drain. That is one reason why your water in the basin will start draining slower and slower until there is only one way to fix it. You will have to pull out the sink stopper. Turn it counterclockwise. After unscrewing the stopper, lift it out and you should see about five or six inches of matted hair. Clean this out and wipe off the stopper. If your sink is still draining slowly, then plug the overflow with a wet cloth and put your plunger over the drain and run enough water to cover the rubber part of the plunger. Push the plunger up and down very quickly. This will ensure that your drain is clear. Now you can screw your stopper back in clockwise.

To clean baseboards and woodwork, take a damp paper towel or cleaning cloth to wipe around the edges or over the surfaces; the moisture will attract and hold loose hair. Hair is very light and will float, so if you want to keep your house hair-free, prevent hair from entering your filters or the heating and cooling system.

It is amazing how much cleaner your rooms and vehicle will feel after using damp tissue, sticky tape, a sweeper, or a lint brush to remove pet and human hair. Take a few moments to complete this task so that your clothes and living area remain hair-free.

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