Keep your shower stall clean


No one really likes to clean the shower. We do it because we must. Applying elbow grease and cleanser to those grimy stains and mouldy corners can put a damper on even the most promising of days.

If you can’t get out of cleaning the shower, at least make it easier on yourself. Spend less time doing work when you take steps to keep the shower tidy between weekly cleanings.

1. Make sure everyone wrings (or shakes) out and hangs up used washcloths, loofahs, body brushes, and other cleansing utensils. Leaving damp items lying around will only allow them to mildew and grow mould. Check the towel racks to make sure they are clear and ready for use when everyone takes showers. Teach the kids how to wring excess moisture from their washcloths, and spread them on the towel rack to dry. The same goes for towels. Don’t let anything, even bath toys or dirty clothes, remain on the floor, as these become a breeding ground for germs.

2. Rinse the shower walls after each use. A quick spray-down helps to get rid of soap scum, shaving debris, and hair conditioning residue that can attract insects and putrefy if left unattended. Someone’s injury or wound may seep or drain, adding another reason for rinsing the area after every shower. It is a good idea to likewise rinse out washcloths or bathing utensils each time before hanging them up to dry.

3. Keep lids on bathing and hair products. Containers of shampoo and conditioner, shaving cream, body lotion, and liquid soap can spill and leave puddles or even stains when they are allowed to sit open without their lids properly in place. Avoid this problem by ensuring that everything is covered tightly or put away where it belongs, such as disposable razors, to keep accidents from happening that can lead to messy shower stalls.

4. Wipe down the shower door or curtain after each use. Keep a scrub cloth under the bathroom sink or near the shower so you can quickly wipe off the door or curtain to eliminate excessive moisture, splashes of bathing products, or cumulative steam from the heat and moisture. Maintaining a clean, dry area will help to cut down on germs, bacteria, and viruses that can spread from one user to another.

5. Keep the bathroom well-lit and well-ventilated. This means that you should raise the shades or open the blinds during the daytime so natural sunlight can come through the windows (if you have them) to help absorb moisture and destroy light-sensitive germs. Venting the bathroom by opening windows or running the exhaust fan can reduce airborne moulds and circulate fresh air that will help to prevent the growth of fungus and mildew. Open windows in good weather (with screens of course), and run the fan a few minutes after each shower in the winter.

You also may want to hang a fern in the bathroom. A fern will absorb odours and germs by replacing them with oxygen. Following a few basic steps like these can help you keep the shower stall fresher and cleaner between scrubbings.

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