How to clean a blocked sink


Blocked sinks can be a real pain to clean! To prevent your sink becoming blocked, every couple of weeks put lots of salt down it, followed by boiling water straight from the kettle.
Repeat this once more and you should (hopefully!) never have blocked drains. The combination of the salt and boiling water down the sink helps to unblock and clean the pipes, resulting in you not getting that sinking feeling!

How to clean a toilet

Cleaning the toilet is one of the most hated household chores but has to be done regularly to keep your bathroom hygienic! Choose a toilet cleaner that is suitable for the material your toilet is made of (some are very harsh) and flush the toilet once to wet the bowl a bit, then swish the cleaner around the bowl and leave to sit for a few minutes. After this, make sure you have a toilet brush so that you can give the bowl a good clean using the liquid sitting in it, and use the brush to spread it into all the corners and under the rim. To rinse it away, flush the toilet again and use the brush to scrub away any residue.

How to clean marks off the shower
To clean soap marks off clear shower doors, try using a spot remover for carpets. I used resolve spot remover. Spray it on the doors, rub with a sponge, and it will all come of, as easy as anything!

How to clean oily hands
To get dirty oily hands clean, use washing up liquid and a bit of caster sugar. The sugar helps clean the dirt from all the cracks in your hands.

How to clean the sink
The key thing is that if you follow this tip, then you won’t have to clean out the sink after cleaning your teeth, because the residue won’t be there. It’s simple but effective; try it next time that you brush your teeth:
Tip a glass of water down the sink before brushing teeth to prevent the residue sticking to the sink!

How to clean the toilet bow
If you pour a can of coke into a toilet bowl for an hour or so it will remove stains!

How to clean tiles
To clean tiles, and make the grouting white, clean with liquid shoe whitener.

How to clean the oven
After you have cleaned your oven and all the shelves are shiny clean, make a paste with bi-carbonate of soda and water and either brush the paste on or apply with a damp cloth. When it’s time to clean again the grease will come easily.

How to clean windows
Cleaning windows can be soul destroying. Not only is it time consuming and boring – no one likes cleaning windows – the end result can also be frustrating. When we clean windows and then come down only to see a smear or some soap suds spreading – or that all the grime hasn’t gone and in fact there is still fair dirt on the windows. What can be done to help stop this? The solution is… acid! All you do is add a bit of vinegar to your water. The acid will help cut through the grease on the window making the cleaner more effective. Not only that, it will add a nice sparkle as well.

How to get chrome taps sparkling
If you want to get your chrome/metal taps, surfaces etc really sparkling use neat liquid soap/shower gel/bath creme. Simply rub the liquid soap over the surface you wish to clean then wipe off with a dry cloth/kitchen roll to reveal a sparkling glow!

*please don’t use water while doing this or it won’t work
* If you use your favourite scent it will make your bathroom/kitchen smell lovely, and give you a boost to your wellbeing

How to get dazzling mirrors
Forget all those expensive window cleaning products – I’ve found that ordinary old newspaper is the best thing for dazzling windows and mirrors. Try it! Using a cloth, just wipe the glass over with a very small amount of detergent mixed in a little water and then polish until dry with the newspaper. Please note that the paper needs to be newspaper – not glossy or coated magazine paper.

How to have cleaner bathroom shelves
If you paint tile gloss over bathroom/kitchen shelves instead of ordinary gloss not only will they wipe clean easily but nothing marks them.

How to keep the toilet sparkling
Keep your toilets and bath etc. sparkling, save money and be more environmentally friendly by using cheap washing up liquid instead of expensive chemical cleaners.

How to make a mirror sparkle
To make a mirror sparkle rub a drop of vinegar on it and buff, no polish streaks!

How to remove grout
Try plain white vinegar and water in a 50/50 mix.
Spray or wipe it on and wait a few minutes.
Rub with a cloth lightly dampened with the vinegar mix. Dry with a clean towel.

How to remove lame scale
An easy way – and cheap too! – is to use salt. Apply to the affected area with a cloth that’s slightly damp. Then leave for a few minutes, and rub firmly with the a clean cloth. This should remove the limescale. Then rinse.

How to remove lame scale from bathroom taps
If you’ve got a build up of limescale on your bathroom taps or shower head don’t spend a fortune on cleaning products. Simply put some vinegar over the offending piece, wrap in a piece of clingfilm and leave for an hour or so. When the bag is removed, you’ll find that the limescale will simply fall away. Remember to wash the taps after cleaning though as vinegar is an acid.

How to remove toilet bowl stains
If the toilet bowl gets stained, then it can make the toilet look quite unpleasant every time that you use it from then on. Which is not nice.
However, shifting toilet stains can be both difficult to do and unpleasant, particularly as they can get engrained the longer that they are left there!
Try spraying with vinegar well and then rubbing fairly hard to get the stain off.
If this brings no job, yhen consider a paste of baking soda with a little water mixed in, applied for about ten minutes then scrubbed off.

How to remove mildew quickly
I used to live in a very humid flat and had to spend a lot of money on mildew remover. My grandmother then told me that warm vinegar water is more effective and believe it or not, but it works. Since then I have saved a lot of money. I know you can use vinegar for your hair (for extra shine) and kettle (descaling), but I’ve never been too pleased with the smell, but it is much nicer in the bathroom at least than bleach! Another potential solution to remove mildew stain: you will need 1 part 20 vol peroxide to 4 parts cold water soak for a few hours then wash on whites.

How to remove mould from the stains
If like me, your bathroom is plagued by mould here’s how to get rid of it. For blackened grouting dip a toothbrush into ordinary household bleach and just brush the mould away.
Use a bleach solution applied with a painting roller if your ceiling is affected. It works brilliantly and is much cheaper than expensive chemical formulae.

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