Window treatments


Window treatments make an extremely important difference to the overall appearance of your home, both inside as well as outside. They have the ability to make a room feel warm and cozy or very modern and sleek. You can change the entire appearance and feel of a room, just by changing your window treatments.

You should keep your window cover backing a uniform color inside, as this improves the curbside appearance and appeal of your house from the outside.

With today’s window treatments available, there is a look for everyone’s taste and style. The choices, such as material, color, fabric, size, hardware and options are overwhelming.

Before selecting the window covering for each of your windows, consider the function your want it to serve, such as privacy, energy efficiency, ventilation, light control, the view and style.

From blinds to drapes, there are a considerable variety of treatments to match your budget and taste. If you are a person that prefers fabrics, then drapes, curtains, shades, swags, or valances are a suitable choice.

Curtains and drapes come in a huge selection of colors, textures, patterns and materials such as velvet or lace. They can be elegant and formal or light and casual. You can match the fabric styles and colors or mix them up and accent them with stylish beautiful curtain rods, pleats, rings and other accessories.

Swags are a sheer, soft material that you drape over the top of a window to soften the look of the window frame but still let the light shine in the glass. You can also hang them over-top another window treatment, such as sheers or mini blinds. They can be formal, pleated or casual and you often find them combined with hanging cascades, which go part way down the side of the windows.

Blinds are available in a huge variety of colours, styles, sizes and materials. There are wood blinds, metal blinds, plastic mini blinds, and ones that are horizontal or vertical. There are even blinds that you open and close using a remote control, for very large windows or hard to reach places.

Fabric shades come in several sizes and shapes. They usually open and lower using a cord or spring loaded system. Balloon shades have a soft, puffy appearance when pulled up, whereas Roman shades have pleats horizontally and a flat appearance.

Valances are decorative, non-functional toppers that often hide the mounting hardware of curtains, shades or drapes. Valance choices are almost endless and include pleated, shaped, gathered, straight and arched.

There is almost no limit to the variety and number of different window treatments available to use in your home.

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