Dealing with Those House Cleaning Nightmares in London

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September 14, 2010
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September 29, 2010
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Dealing with Those House Cleaning Nightmares in London

House Cleaner London

When you are carrying out your weekly house cleaning tasks, you always come across a few little problems.  Those stains that just don’t seem to shift and worst of all; the problems that you can’t see are all things that the weekly cleaning schedule just can’t contend with.

When you really look into the cleanliness of your home, the reality is difficult to deal with. In fact the Environmental Protection Agency has estimated that the air in your home is two to five times as polluted as the air outside. This is because the air in your home will be full of dust, mould spores and germs.

There are ways in which you can control these types of problems with your domestic cleaning, but for a thorough job, you might need to call in a domestic cleaning company London.

If you’d rather tackle the chores yourself instead of hiring domestic cleaning services London you should dust and vacuum once or twice a week. But make sure you get absolutely everywhere, including under the bed and on your rugs. This can reduce the amount of dust mites in the air, which can cause allergic reactions.

Mould and mildew is another common problem in the household. This not only looks unpleasant but it also can cause headaches, lung disease and fatigue. You could use a bleach solution to get rid of the mould. Use one part bleach and three parts hot water in a spray bottle and spray the solution onto the affected areas. Leave it for a few minutes and then wipe it with a wet rag.

But to ensure a thorough job, the only answer is to hire a domestic cleaner in London. With their help, you can free up your time to spend with friends and family and relieve the stress of finding time for housekeeping. And best of all, you can benefit from a sparkling clean home that you know is thoroughly fresh and clean at affordable domestic cleaning rates.

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