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How to Unblock a Toilet

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When it comes to bathroom cleaning there is nothing worse than a clogged toilet.  Seeing the contents backing up every time you flush and the water level rising is a home owner’s nightmare.  We won’t go into the smells!

All you really need to unblock a toilet that won’t flush properly is a large plunger.  Place the plunger over the outlet at the bottom of the toilet and plunge for a few seconds.

The built up of pressure upon releasing the plunger ought to clear the blockage.  When the clog is cleared, flush the toilet with a bucket of water.

If you don’t have the time to clean the bathroom properly you could always hire professional domestic cleaners to do it for you.  This can be arranged with just one phone call to a domestic cleaning company in London.

They can clean your entire house from the ground floor up in just a few hours, leaving the place spotless and giving you more free time after work to enjoy your evenings with family and friends.

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