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How to Make Your Own Glass Cleaner

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If you find that buying glass cleaning products from the shops is a bit costly, then why not make your own using items you might have readily available at home?

Here are the ingredients for a homemade glass cleaner, good for windows and mirrors:-

12-16 Ounces of water

Half a cup of white vinegar

Quarter cup of rubbing alcohol

1-2 drops of blue or green food colouring (optional)

1-2 drops of lavender, cinnamon or orange essential oil (or whatever fragrance tickles your fancy)

Mix these ingredients together and pour the formula into a clearly labelled spray bottle.

If you lack the time or energy to clean your windows and mirrors then why not hire a professional cleaning company that provides window cleaning services in London.

Window cleaners are professionally trained and use specialist equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products.  They can make your windows sparkle in no time and at an affordable rate.

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