House Cleaning Service in London

Acquiring a domestic cleaner on regular basis today isn't a benefit any longer. It is essential. Anyone could possibly save a treasured amount of time recruiting private cleaners to take care of the household's cleanliness.

Our vetted house cleaners have been expertly trained to offer you great standard of house cleaning service in London. For our valued customers the process for appointing one is just a phone call apart!

There are a couple of essential aspects leading us towards the cleaners' checking out and ensuring our consumers' security and protection:

  • Specific documents assessment
  • Meeting presence and interview
  • Functional test
  • Assessment
  • Professional training

Each client has the right to meet his new cleaner earlier and guide her at home, plan the domestic cleaning services timetable and cleaning times/hours.

Your home cleaner is going to show up every week or every second week on one as well as the same day for previously prepared hours. However, you hold the right to add to the cleaning times or lower them telling our customer support in advance.

In addition, in case your maid leaves this job or transfers in a different area, goes on holiday or not being able to attend the scheduled cleaning as a result of health issues, our cleaning company will promptly provide you with replacement.

Our expert supervisor will handle the service standard constantly and that's the reason we are one of the most trusted companies in this industry.

Our house cleaners always aim to offer you stress free service and let you enjoy your free time with your family and friends in a clean and tidy house. Just call us on 020 8884 9145 and see the difference.