Regular Domestic Cleaning London

Hiring a domestic cleaner on regular basis currently is not a benefit any more. It is an essential.

Everyone could save a valued time when engaging private domestic cleaner to do your house’s tidiness and cleaning.

Our precisely examined domestic cleaners are qualified to provide high standard of regular domestic cleaning in London to our valued clients. 

And the process for hiring such cleaner is just a phone call away!

There are some very important aspects leading us to the cleaners’ vetting and assuring our clients’ privacy and safety:

  1. Specific document check
  2. Lecture attending and meeting
  3. Practical test
  4. Exam
  5. Practical Training

In addition, we have taken care of all the important details regarding this service:

  • Every customer can to meet his allocated cleaning lady in advance and show the operative around the house, arrange the house cleaning timetable and agenda.
  • You will have same house cleaner to attend every week, on the same day and time.
  • In case your cleaning lady decides to leave this job or decides to move to lives in another area, or she decides to go on holiday, our management  will instantly provide you with a cover cleaner.
  • In case you, as a client are not completely pleased with the standard of work, we would organise a visit for our supervisor to come and inspect your home.
  • Our home cleaning inspectors take care of the service quality at all times and that is why we are our one of the most chosen cleaning companies in London.

Our business targets to deliver stress-free services to our customers, who all want is to have time to  enjoy a quiet time in their freshly clean home. Just  contact us on 020 8884 9145, or you can book this domestic cleaning service online!